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Mobile, portable & folding skate ramps for
indoor & outdoor use by Evolution Skateparks

NEW from Evolution Skateparks is our exciting Mobile & Portable skate equipment ranging from a single unit to a trailer integrated street course.


Perfect for environments that require temporary or short duration provision of skate facilities such
as community ‘share’ schemes, schools, colleges, youth clubs and sports centres.


Utilising many of the materials and construction techniques adopted for the permanent, ‘modular’
range, the emphasis is on exceptional quality and durability, with added benefits including:


•  Easy to handle & manoeuvre

•  Easy to transport and store

•  Set-Up in minutes

•  Little or no tools required

•  ‘True scale’ equipment

Mobile, portable & folding skate ramps for indoor & outdoor use by Evolution Skateparks
Mobile, portable & folding skate ramps that are easy to store
Mobile, portable & folding skate ramps that are easy to transport
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Skatepark builders
Skatepark builders
Skatepark builders
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Folding Quarter Pipe


An industry first from Evolution Skateparks, this unique and innovative unit offers the user a true skate ramp ‘feel’, combining the quality, durability and geometry of our permanent outdoor range with exceptional mobility and ease of set-up associated with alternative, inferior products.


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this fully galvanised unit can be altered from transport to fully operational in one sweeping motion with a simple turn of a handle and no tools, allowing unrivalled set-up times compared to alternative systems of comparable size.


Available as a 1m high, 2.44m wide unit, the Evolution folding quarter pipe is scaled specifically to compliment our range of conventional hand portable skate ramps and rails to create a fully furnished beginners street course.


Ideally suited for temporary or semi-permanent set-up, this clever unit can be stored neatly against a sports hall wall, inside a conventional storage container, or transported by flat bed trailer.


Pallet Truck Mobile


Following the award winning success of the ‘Minehead Eye’ project, and the creation of bespoke Evolution skate ramps for the
indoor skatepark, we are now delighted to introduce Evolution ‘Pallet Truck’ Mobile skate ramps as a permanent addition to the
mobile product range.


Based on the hand portable equipment range, these highly durable, steel structured ‘modules’ share many of the basic principles
of construction and application as the more junior range, but are designed to be moved by standard pallet forks via one-way fork channels incorporated within the module structure.


This fast, efficient and operator friendly method of lifting and locating individual units allows a much greater product range and
increase in available height up to 1.22m, allowing more advanced and complex configurations.


Designed and scaled to compliment Evolution modular skate ramps, this range is ideally suited to a semi-permanent or seasonal
set-up, such as a holiday park or leisure complex, at intermediate level.


Portabe Ramps


The Evolution hand portable skate ramp range features highly durable, lightweight steel structured ‘modules’ that can be used as individual units or connected in multiples to create numerous ramp configurations and layouts.


Based on a more simplistic modular concept, individual ‘modules’ include:


•  Flat Bank Wedge

•  Launch Kicker

•  Platform

•  Steps

•  Ledge Box


and can be specified as a ‘kit’ which collectively creates alternative ramps such as:


•  Junior Quarter Pipe

•  Junior Flat Bank

•  Driveway

•  Jump Box

•  Spine

•  Volcano


Available as 0.30m - 0.60m high 1.22m wide modules, each element is multi-directional and interchangeable, allowing a diverse
range of set-up possibilities with the potential to add and extend the modules over time.


Easy to handle, transport and store, with a quick and easy pin & socket connection, the Evolution hand portable range offers
an attractive and dynamic solution to multiple user requirements, ideally suited to a temporary set-up for the beginner.